Community guidelines

By being friendly and respectful with each other we can create a nice atmosphere on You can post almost anything you want, but not everything. We expect you to abide by the community guidelines.

1. Continuous improvement

The community guidelines are not cut in stone. It’s a working document that can be improved upon until we find something that works well for the community.

2. Content

2.1 Moderation

Our rules and community guidelines apply to all content, including content arriving from remote servers. If it’s not allowed to publish X and Y on our server, then it’s also not allowed to follow someone on another server that publishes X and Y there.

When you follow a user on another server, the content you see from them is stored in our cache and database. It becomes visible on our domain under hashtags. Those hashtags are public and searchable. Content from other servers is also visible on our live feed from other servers. Therefore our rules apply to all content that touches our server in any way shape or form.

We may limit or suspend third party servers and/or users based on our rules and community guidelines.

2.2 Federation suspend (“block”) some servers which aren’t aligned with our community guidelines, rules or level of moderation.

We’re generally not publishing the full domain names of blocked servers as we don’t want to give servers with incompatible rules any attention. We’re normally not giving any reason to why servers are suspended and not entering public debates about it.

2.3 Rights

Only post content you have created or have the right to post.

3. Languages is a language-specific server with 26 allowed languages.

The language rule apply to all content. We may suspend remote servers and/or users that predominately post in languages other than the ones supported on this server.

Allowed languages are Bulgarian bg, Croatian hr, Czech cs, Danish da, Dutch nl, English en, Estonian et, Finnish fi, French fr, German de, Greek el, Hungarian hu, Irish ga, Italian it, Latvian lv, Lithuanian lt, Maltese mt, Polish pl, Portuguese pt, Romanian ro, Slovak sk, Slovene sl, Spanish es, Swedish sv, Icelandic is, and Norwegian nb.

The language used internally by our team is English. If you can can choose English when communicating with us, that would be helpful.

4. Nudity

We don’t allow nudity, with some exceptions.

Nudity in photos of sculptures and paintings is allowed. Women breastfeeding and health-related nudity is okay.

We don’t allow images of sexual intercourse, genitals, female nipples and close ups of fully-nude buttocks. The same rules apply to drawn and computer generated content involving humans, cartoons, animals an fictional creatures.

As usual this rule apply to all content, both outgoing and incoming.

5. Organisations

Please use an official e-mail when you create an organisation account. If there’s a mismatch between the e-mail used for sign-up and the organisation name, the account will be considered spam and suspended. For example when the e-mail is instead of Get in touch if you if your account has been erroneously suspended so we can fix it.

6. Bots

Bots may be switched to limited visibility or even be suspended if they post to frequently on the live feeds. It’s about being able to afford them and at the same time offer a good human experience on our live feeds.

7. Friendly, safe and respectful atmosphere

8.1 Politics

The server operator is non-partisan. We welcome political groups from established political parties as long as the posted content comply with our rules and community guidelines.

8.2 Extremism

Advocacy of political extremism may be limited or removed. For example when it’s borderline illegal or focused on revolutionary change by fighting and violence.

Some political symbols are illegal in EU countries and may be removed depending on the context and applicable rules.

8.3 Religion

You’re welcome to be religious and express that, but respect other peoples religion. If your religious content is inflammatory or spammy it may be limited or removed.

8.4 Conspiracy theories

Don’t post conspiracy theories.

8.5 Shitposting

If shitposting becomes a problem for other people your visibility may be limited, posts deleted or your account suspended.

8.6 Graphic violence

We don’t allow gore, snuff and not safe for life content.

8.7 Self harm

Don’t post self harm or self destructive behavior. Don’t harm others and don’t encourage others to self-harm

8.8 Content warnings

We don’t have any specific rules. Consider putting a warning on your post if you think it needs it. For example if it the content is about common phobias or triggers.

8.9 Anti science content

Anti-science content, such as climate-change denial, may be removed.

8.10 Illegal content

Don’t support or praise terrorism, organized crime or hate groups. Don’t offer drugs, sex or weapons.

Some content is legal but may be removed or get limited visibility if it’s suspected to be inauthentic, inflammatory, spammy, misinformation or harmful.

9. Inauthentic accounts

We may suspend suspected inauthentic accounts, especially if they seem to belong to a web of other inauthentic accounts on other servers. This can happen without e-mail notification, as it makes no sense to notify inauthentic accounts when they are being removed.

10. Disagreement

We do not debate specific moderation actions in public posts. Direct message our team or use e-mail. We listen and answer questions up to a certain point, not forever. Publishing screenshot of communication from the moderation team will get you limited or suspended. Be aware that moderators only can approve or reject appeals, not reply or ask follow up questions.

11. Inactive accounts

From time to time we may delete accounts that hasn’t been used during the last three to six months. The shorter time span could be relevant if the user never participated in the community, for example by never ever posting anything. You’re welcome back if your account has been deleted due to inactivity, but there is no guarantee that we can restore your old username.

12. Access

The administration of the service reserves the right to revoke any user’s access permissions, at any time, for any reason, except as limited by law.

13. Data

This site is not meant to be a backup or permanent repository for your information, posts or media. Additionally, your media is being downsized on original upload. You can export your posts, but there might be technical issues, so we recommend that you keep a backup elsewhere

14. Spam

Spamming is of course not allowed.

14.1 Flooding the feed

Avoid flooding the live feeds by posting many posts in a row withing a short time period. What we’re trying to avoid is people trying to promote themselves or their organisation in a spammy or annoying way.

14.2 Follow-promotion

Don’t sign up with the intention of pulling in content from users on third party servers for promotional purposes. Suspected sign-up promotion may have your account and/or the users on the third party servers limited or suspended.

14.3 Link spam

Suspected link-spam will be removed and accounts suspended.